One requirement in Muslim countries is that women must be covered. This is applied and enforced to varying degrees with some countries insisting on complete and total coverage, such as with a burka or niqab (very popular with the Taliban) and others only requiring that hair be covered, such as with a hijab.

There are many varieties of Muslim head coverings for females. It’s downright confusing trying to keep track of them all, so here is a guide:







It should be noted that in Muslim nations, even non-Muslim women are often required to wear such head coverings. Many SFW readers may recall these photos of Nancy Pelosi and Laura Bush on visits to Syria and Saudi Arabia…




When Western women go to Muslim nations, they are compelled to follow Shariah rules, like wearing headscarves. But when some Muslim women come to America, they insist on wearing headscarves in accordance with Shariah–even in driver’s license photographs evidently.

As the article linked at the end of this entry explains, an intrepid bipartisan group of state representatives in Minnesota have introduced a bill–at the specific request of their state’s chiefs of police–requiring women remove headscarves for driver’s license photos, to provide for complete identification.

This requirement makes all the sense in the world, yet some Muslim women are protesting it, insisting that, since they wear their headscarves all the time, there is no reason to remove them for a photograph for identification purposes.

This argument is just, well, “stuck on stupid.”

I for one wear a baseball cap about 60% of the time and when it is sunny outside, I wear a pair of sunglasses. Where I live, it is sunny more often than not. Does this mean I should wear a ball cap and sunglasses in my driver’s license photograph, since, chances are, if I have an encounter with a member of the law enforcement community I might be wearing them at the time?

Of course not. And Muslim women in this country never brought up this issue for decades and decades. Now, suddenly, it is an issue.

The simple fact of the matter is that your driver’s license needs to serve as a positive means of identification. Period. If your religious beliefs prevent you from posing properly for a driver’s license photo then, well, you don’t get a driver’s license and you don’t drive.

This isn’t that difficult.

Of course, in reality, this isn’t about some lady in Minnesota wanting to wear a hijab when she heads down to the DMV. It’s about infiltrating our culture and society little by little with Islamic rules–in other words, Shariah. The next step will be to require all women to be covered in certain places out of “respect” for Muslims’ religious “rights,” just as they require non-Muslim Western women to wear headscarves in their countries.

Either this is stopped right here, or else Shariah will continue to creep into our way of life.

Here is the link to an article on this legislation in Minnesota:


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