Ace financial journalist Patrick Winn is shilling for Shariah. This time the victim is not the West, but the Orient, namely Thailand, which, by the way, has been enduring a nasty Jihadist insurgency for years now.

Here’s the cutesy headline from Winn’s propaganda piece:

Problems with your portfolio? Maybe you need help from a higher authority.

Excuse me while I go vomit.

Now here’s the subhead:

Thailand lures Middle East investment with companies free of pork, booze and usury

If Mr. Winn really thinks that this is what Shariah-Compliant Finance is all about, he obviously didn’t bother to do any digging into the issue. I suppose that would be too much like work.

Here’s a nice tidbit from the article:

The FTSE’s “All-World” index made up of more than 2,800 companies has dropped by 44 percent in the last six months. But the Sharia-vetted slice of that grouping dropped by only 40.2 percent.

I’ve got news for Mr. Winn: the FTSE Terror-Free Index has outperformed the All-World Index too. But I won’t hold my breath waiting for him to write an article about that.

After all, there are no Islamic banks conducting “missionary work” to promote terror-free investing.


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