This article isn’t about Shariah, but it is obnoxious enough so as to prompt me to post it anyway, especially since it refers to one of the rogue nations ruled by Shariah, Iran. 

One of the leaders of the movement to appease the Jihadists…er..I meant to say, “engage” the Muslim world, is a man by the name of Juan Cole.

He has a blog which he calls “Informed Comment.”

It is interesting to note that the overthrow of the totalitarian and brutal Saddam Hussein regime and its replacement with a secular, pluralistic parliamentary form of government (the first time in the Islamic world that this has happened since the fall of the Ottoman Empire), is seen by Cole as reason for the US to basically repent and reach out to the other despots, Islamists and Jihadists who rule Dar al Islam. I would say that Mr. Cole has it exactly backwards.

But most troubling is the apparent glee that Mr. Cole takes in the fact that Israeli General Gabi Ashkenazi got the now all-too-familiar cold shoulder by the Obama administration when he came to visit. This treatment is evidently reserved for long-time allies of America, like Great Britain and, now, Israel.

What was the general coming to Washington to do?

To warn Washington about the Iranian nuclear threat.

I guess it is no coincidence that Obama gives Great Britain and Israel the cold shoulder at the same time he reaches out to an avowed enemy of America, Iran, which has made killing Americans a national sport and is working feverishly on atomic bombs.

I would say, Lord save us from the Iranian bomb, but we probably need to be saved from the Juan Coles and other useful idiots of the world first…


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