Reuters has a revealing article this morning which characterizes the spread of Shariah-Compliant Finance through quasi-official bodies headed by tyrannical regimes in Islamic nations.

I’ll provide a quote that explains the gist of the article before I embark upon a deconstruction of the organization it came from:

“Central banks are increasingly realizing they have to accommodate standards developed by the Islamic industry to achieve more clarity across countries, the head of an industry body said on Tuesday.”

First of all, let me say that there would be no need to “accommodate” any such standards if the Shariah-Compliant Finance industry was so incredibly non-transparent and corrupt to begin with.

When an industry cannot afford to accurately define the basic foundation of its existence for fear of alienating most of the planet, there is a fundamental problem. Ask any shariah authority from the Islamic world what “shariah” is and he will almost assuredly give some vague, misleading answer like, “It’s the path on which we walk.”

Say what?

Speaking of those shariah scholars, when the leaders and foremost thinkers of an industry are horrible people like Sheikh Yusuf al-“Creepy” Qaradawi and Mufti Taqi “Ugly” Usmani, it’s no wonder that the Western practicioners of the industry do all they can do to keep their colleagues’ jihadist views under wraps.

The group cited in the Reuters article  was the IIFM, the International Islamic Finance Market.

The IIFM is made up of the central banks of a group of Islamic nations: Bahrain, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sudan and, our “friends” in Saudi Arabia. 

But the reality is that the IIFM is dominated by Saudi Arabia, the nation of Wahhabism, birthplace of Al Qaeda and financier for Salafi Jihadi terrorists from Algeria to Gaza to Pakistan to Thailand to the Philippines.  Saudi Arabia is one of three nations on earth that boasts that it is ruled completely by Shariah. As a result, Saudi Arabia has one of the worst human rights records of any nation on earth.

It is also very interesting to point out that another “distinguished” member of the IIFM is none other than the Islamic Republic of Sudan. Sudan is the very definition of the term “rogue” nation. Sudan is a serial sponsor of Jihadist terrorism, providing safe haven and support for HAMAS, Hezbollah and Al Qaeda over the years. In fact, it was in Sudan that Hezbollah and Al Qaeda began cooperating.

Sudan is of course most famous for genocide. For decades in the south of Sudan, the Muslim Brotherhood-inspired Arab Sudanese regime slaughtered black Christians and animists without much interference from the outside world. More recently they have focused their attention on the black population of fellow Muslims in Darfur.

Genocide, unlike famine, does not simply occur. Genocide is committed. And the genocide in Sudan is a Jihad to impose Shariah. You won’t hear George Clooney talk about that, but that is exactly what the regime says they are doing.

These are the types of nations which wish to spread shariah around the world through Shariah-Compliant Finance and organizations such as the International Islamic Finance Market…


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