The Irish Times published a short article overnight which highlighted a growing problem in the West: child abductions in which the children who are abducted are brought by a parent (usually a father) to that parent’s foreign country of origin.

It has proven exceedingly difficult to do anything about these cases, especially in nations in which shariah is practiced, because those nations are not signatories to international conventions on child abduction, abuse and rights. (Given the inherent abusive nature of shariah, child marriage in particular, it is almost impossible for a country like Saudi Arabia to sign such a treaty and stay shariah-compliant.)

In other cases, when a child is taken to Saudi Arabia from the United States, our cowardly and shameful State Department has sided with the Sauds and chosen to basically “look the other way” as children are kidnapped in America and taken to Saudi Arabia to be raised in that oppressive system.

Isn’t it particularly revealing that Shariah states are singled out in this article, yet the promoters of Shariah-Compliant Finance act as if Shariah is simply a few rules and regulations involving pork and pornography?


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