Yesterday, we reported that the Constitutional Court of South Africa has recognized polygamy in a ruling having to do with estate law:

Today, we ran across an article proclaiming the ruling as a victory for women’s rights in South Africa. We thought that this take on the subject was illustrative of the methodology that the Jihadis use to promote Shariah in the West. They pay attention to our words and our “hot buttons” and apply what they observe to “sell” us on Shariah. In this case, polygamy under Shariah law (which basically treats women like possessions in a variety of other ways as well) is seen as a great advance for women.

We are indeed “through the looking glass…”

These types of decisions, of course, have further implications in terms of finance and economics. Many Muslim immigrants end up on the public dole. Once polygamy is recognized, the potential increased burden on the welfare state as multiple wives and their children sign up for government money will have far reaching fiscal implications…a minor point, but one that never gets mentioned.


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