A few weeks ago, we reported here that there are 85 Shariah courts operating in the UK:


Now the news is getting worse.

The Shariah authorities in Great Britain admit that 5% of their proceedings involve non-Muslims, and there is at least some suggestion that these folks have been intimidated in some way to end up in Shariah court.

This is one of the worst cases of Creeping Shariah that we have ever seen; citizens of one of the most significant Western nations are basically denied due process under the law and are having justice dispensed by a foreign law. This is shameful and it absolutely must be stopped.

We must be vigilant to ensure that this does not come to the USA, where there are Shariah arbitration panels and tribunals also operating:



One Response to Creeping Shariah: Non-Muslims compelled to seek justice in UK Shariah courts

  1. heroyalwhyness says:

    One report at the Times states:

    The Times has also learnt that the MAT* is planning to triple the number of its courts by setting up in ten new British cities by the end of the year.

    MAT* (muslim arbitration tribunal)= sharia court

    Also note the following legacy characterization in this related article via newstrackindia:

    “The Founder of Britain’s oldest Sharia court has said . . .”

    Good grief, the first 5 British sharia courts were acknowledged by msm in Sept. 2008! The supposed ‘oldest sharia court’ in Britain isn’t even a year old!

    Anyone else notice what appears to be a sudden pr campaign for sharia courts?
    ‘Harsh Islamic punishments will make Britain safer’ July 22, 2009

    Sharia penal codes would benefit Britain says Muslim Sheikh Suhaib Hasan July 21, 2009

    UK: Non-Muslims Turning to Sharia Courts to Resolve Civil Disputes July 21, 2009

    NonMuslims turning to sharia ‘courts’ in Britain to resolve disputes claim Daily Telegraph July 21, 2009

    More Brit non-Muslims turning to Sharia courts to resolve civil disputes “> New Kerala July 21, 2009

    Change would help to expose unjust rulings Times Online July 20, 2009

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