Ever so often it’s useful to remind ourselves of the fact that Shariah isn’t just some abstract, remote system isolated to a few Middle Eastern nations.

It’s a global threat.

We’ve recently seen numerous reports of Shariah courts operating in Britain. We’ve recently witnessed a Jihadi organization hold a conference in Chicago to support the establishment of a global caliphate and the replacement of capitalism with an Islamic economic system.

In other places around the world, there is a great human cost to Shariah. Here are some samples from recent news reports:

• In Yemen, Christians are being denied funerals by the majority Muslim population…


• In Somalia, the Jihadists who rule much of the country now are insisting that NGOs and international relief agencies abide by Islamic rules…


• Sheda Vasseghi of WorldTribune.com reminds everyone that the “reformists” in Iran just want a power shift from one camp to another under the pillars of Islamic laws…


• In the Maldives, 150 women and 50 men will be flogged for extramarital relations…


• In Malaysia, a Muslim woman is to be caned for the crime of drinking beer…


• Finally, in the most absurd item we ran into recently, the journal “Foreign Policy” has seen fit to publish a thinly veiled Muslim Brotherhood front piece suggesting that the key to peace between Israel and the Jihadist terrorist organization HAMAS is none other than Shariah. The fact that “Foreign Policy” saw fit to publish this nonsense is disheartening to say the least…



One Response to The Global Threat of Shariah

  1. heroyalwhyness says:

    UK: Muslims Could Get Own Police (via GoV links ht/Lexington)

    By Katherine Fenech MUSLIM crime victims could gain the right to have their cases overseen by police from their own religion, it emerged last night.

    Police in London already give victims the right to ask for a Sikh officer to be involved in an investigation but the scheme could be introduced for other religions elsewhere.

    Chief Supt Joanna Young, from the Met’s Criminal Justice Policy Unit, said: “If it’s a success, I would encourage the other (police) associations to do likewise.”

    The project is intended to help investigate “honour” killings and forced marriages but Metropolitan Police Federation chairman Peter Smyth said: “We’re stretched thin enough already. Are Sikh officers going to have their rotas changed so there’s always one on duty?

    “It’s political correctness gone mad. We talking about the creation of a separate force within a force.”

    But Palbinder Singh, chairman of the Metropolitan Police Sikh Association, said: “I don’t believe a white officer is ever going to be fully conversant with a Sikh.”

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