Rushdi Siddiqui is one of the more prolific promoters of Shariah in North America. He is currently Global Head of Islamic Finance at Thomson Reuters. Previously, Siddiqui was Global Director of the notorious Islamic Index Group at Dow Jones.

Arab News of Saudi Arabia has published an interview of Siddiqui in which he discusses the dream of a global Islamic financial marketplace. 

We thought that one passage from this interview was particularly significant:

“We want to assist not only with the IDB (Islamic Development Bank) mandate, to increase intra-OIC trade and investment, but also raise the profile of these 56 Muslim countries amongst each other and to the non-Islamic world.”

In other words, what Siddiqui is saying is that Shariah-Compliant Finance is a way to promote the Organization of the Islamic Conference. The OIC is the Islamic bloc which is trying to stifle free expression in the West to prevent the “defamation of religion.”

It is disturbing to see an American-based individual promoting an organization so opposed to the principles of liberty Americans hold so dear.


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