At SFW we have focused a great deal of attention on Islamic charities for two reasons:

1. Many of these charities fund Jihad.

2. An integral part of Shariah-Compliant Finance is zakat, which results in money getting to these same charities.

We have archived our research in these areas here:

Today we call your attention to a story about a legal case in which an indicted officer of an apparently now-defunct Islamic charity will be called upon to give a deposition from Jordan.

There are a few of interesting aspects to this:

1. We are skeptical that this charity,  Islamic American Relief Agency , is truly defunct. Islamic organizations, and charities in particular, fade away and reappear under a new name as a matter of course. We would be very surprised if Khalid Al-Sudanee was not involved somewhere with an Islamic charity funding Jihad.

2. Note that the Islamic American Relief Agency was involved in sending money into Saddam Hussein’s Iraq in violation of US sanctions. This flies in the face of the conventional wisdom (more accurately described as a MYTH) that Saddam was strictly a secularist and had nothing to do with Islamists.

3. Khalid Al-Sudanee is at large in Jordan and there is apparently no hope of extradition. Jordan is supposed to be an “ally” in the now-defunct war on terrorism. They certainly are not acting like an ally in this case…


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