Rifqa Bary, ‘Dead Girl Walking’

Fox News, Newsmax | Aug 21, 2009
By Frank Gaffney, Jr.

Frank Gaffney on Fox News discusses Rifqa Bary– a 17 year-old apostate from Islam. She fled her home in Ohio last month, claiming that her father threatened to kill her for converting from Islam to Christianity. Under Shariah law, the punnishment is death for apostatacy. Rifqa fled to Florida to seek refuge with a pastor she’d met through Facebook. A Florida judge has temporarily placed her with a foster family until the court determines whether she should be turned over to Ohio, who have already stated their intention to send Rifqa back to her parents.

Florida Governor Crist has it within his power to prevent Rifqa Bary from being added to the list of victims of the barbaric practice of honor killings. He can advise the court that the distinct prospect of death at the hands of her family constitutes “mitigating circumstances” that would justify refusing to return the minor to Ohio and the relatives’ not-so-tender mercies. Neither can she safely be remanded to the community that is home to one of America’s most virulent promoters of Shariah, the Noor Islamic Cultural Center near Hilliard Ohio, and whose schools and community services so dismally failed Rifqa when she and/or her friends sought help in the wake of previous acts of violence against her.

Sadly, Crist has, to date, evinced no interest in this matter. He seeks higher office, however, having announced his candidacy for the United States Senate. Even if the governor could, somehow, live with the knowledge that — by failing to act to allow Rifqa Bary to stay in Florida, he may be condemning her to death at her family’s hands — it is hard to believe that the voters of his state will think they want such a man to represent them in Washington.

Voters and others around America who understand the implications of ignoring Shariah and manifestations of its encroachment in the United States like Rifqa Bary’s case are encouraged to contact Crist today via phone (850) 488-7146, fax (850) 487-0801 or e-mail at [email protected]


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