Three Yemeni businessmen in western New York have pleaded guilty to money laundering charges, ending their federal court trial.

The men were charged in March 2007 after authorities said they sent $200,000 overseas knowing it was illegally obtained and could benefit the Iranian-backed, Lebanese-based Jihadist terrorist group Hezbollah.

These men will be sentenced to between 15 and 27 months in prison, which is, from our view, a ridiculously light sentence. Hezbollah is a terrorist organization of global reach. They have killed scores of Americans over the years and have conducted operations as far away from their home base as Argentina. Furthermore, Hezbollah leaders and operatives have taken a direct role in fighting US G.I.s in Iraq, where Hezbollah fighters have been killed and captured.

These men in New York were aiding an enemy of the United States and for them to be eligible to go free in as soon as 15 to 27 months is a travesty of justice. It does not even amount to a slap on the wrist for what would have been regarded as treason in a braver age…


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