British Islamic charities have a jaded history, with several of them found to be sending money to Jihadist terrorist organizations and having little in the way of financial controls.

Recently, a new report of disturbing activity at a British Islamic charity surfaced.

Tariqa Burhaniya D’Suqiyya Shazuliyya (TBDS), has been charged with having “chaotic” finances and funneling money to its trustees.

But most ominous is the part of the report from the British Charity Commission that donations meant for use in Britain were sent to the charity’s parent organization in Sudan.

Sudan is a Jihadist-ruled nation which is committing genocide in an effort to impose Shariah on its population. Sudan is also a state sponsor of terrorism, having been host to HAMAS, Hezbollah and Al Qaeda at the same time. When money from a Muslim charity which is essentially committing fraud as its normal course of business ends up in a place like Sudan, there is plenty to be worried about…


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