Al Baraka bank now has six branches and four corporate offices in South Africa serving 40,000 customers. It is a subsidiary of Al Baraka banking group of Bahrain.

Perhaps not coincidentally, South Africa has developed problems with Jihadist groups in recent years, though this has not received much attention in Western media, possibly because of the wave of other forms of violence which have hit that country. One source of interesting information on this subject in South Africa is a book called “Allah’s Bomb,” by Al J. Venter. We highly recommend it.

This is a script that has been played out over and over around the world. At the same time Jihadis become active in countries around the globe, Shariah Finance also begins to appear. Both have essentially the same goal: the establishment of Shariah everywhere possible. Terrorist groups like Al Qaeda, Abu Sayyef, Hezbollah, HAMAS, the Taliban and others seek to establish Shariah through Jihad.

The promoters of Shariah Finance see themselves as performing missionary work, or “dawah.” Nevertheless, their goals are the same…

It would be the ultimate cruel irony if the people of South Africa successfully removed the shackles of apartheid in the 1990s, only to have Shariah to reimpose similar human rights violations in the 21st century.


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