Douglas Farah is one of America’s most valuable experts on the subject of Jihad and the financial aspects of Islamist terrorism.

On Friday, 23 October, Farah posted an excellent article on Iran’s continuously growing activities in the Western Hemisphere, with a particular emphasis on Iran’s inroads into the financial services sector in Central and South America.

It is clear from Farah’s article and from Iran’s efforts that the Islamic Republic is using its petromoney clout to establish relationships in Latin America to undermine international sanctions designed to cut off the flow of money into Iran’s nuclear weapons program and out of Iran and to Jihadist terrorist organizations, such as Hezbollah and HAMAS.

The banking institution that much of Farah’s article focuses on is Bank Saderat. We have also discussed this bank on SFW from time to time:

Bank Saderat is one of Iran’s big state-owned banks and it is one of the five largest Shariah-compliant financial institutions in the world.

As we have said over and over again on SFW, Iran dominates the world of Shariah-compliant finance and all the largest Shariah-compliant financial institutions are in fact state-owned Iranian banks.

The fact that the world’s foremost state sponsor of Jihadist terrorism and nuclear proliferator also dominates the world of Shariah-compliant finance must not be viewed as a coincidence.

Here is a link to Douglas Farah’s latest:


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