Noted author and columnist Ralph Peters, who is also a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, recently appeared on Fox News to discuss the terrible Jihadist massacre at the Fort Hood army post.

Much has been revealed about the Jihadist who carried out the massacre, Major Nidal Malik Hasan, including the fact that he was earning a six figure annual income, had no dependents, no immediate family at all, and yet lived in a $320 per month fleabag apartment and drove a car that has been described as a “clunker.”

In the video below, LTCOL Peter asks, “Where did all his money go?”

That is a very good question indeed. Assuming that Hasan was pulling in $100,000 per year and he was spending $4,200 per year on living quarters, that leaves a lot of money left over.

We would not at all be surprised to learn that Hasan was sending money through zakat payments to Islamic charities, something we have covered extensively at SFW:

Note that, as we explain at the above linked entry, a portion of zakat is mandated for what can only describe Jihad.


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