The Dallas Morning News is reporting that Fort Hood Jihadist, Nidal Malik Hasan wired money to Pakistan.

This obviously raises some major red flags since Hasan apparently had no relatives there and Pakistan is the epicenter for Jihad and a focus point for many Islamic charities which fund Jihad.

Excerpts from the DMN article:

Authorities have been examining whether Fort Hood massacre suspect Nidal Malik Hasan wired money to Pakistan in recent months, an action that one senior lawmaker said would raise serious questions about Hasan’s possible connections to militant Islamic groups.

Authorities know that Hasan sent repeated e-mails, starting some time in December 2008, to a radical Muslim cleric in Yemen. That cleric, Anwar al-Awlaki, formerly served as imam of a large northern Virginia mosque where Hasan worshipped. The U.S.-born cleric praised Hasan after the massacre as “a hero.”

In January, al-Awlaki told readers of his blog about “44 ways to support jihad” – a term often translated as “holy war.” Many of his points dealt with ways to fund such efforts.

“Probably the most important contribution the Muslims of the West could do for Jihad is making Jihad with their wealth,” al-Awlaki wrote. “In many cases the mujahideen are in need of money more than they are in need of men.”

He also stressed the importance of “avoiding the life of luxury.”

All of that sounds very much like the concept of “Jihad with money” explained by Sheikh Yusuf al Qaradawi in a BBC interview in 2006…”>


One Response to Report: Major Hasan was wiring money to Pakistan

  1. Gee, what organization in Pakistan could Hasan possibly have been interested in? The Pakistan Cricket League, perhaps?

    But shh… if we say the words “al Qaeda” the Left will accuse us of fomenting an anti-Muslim backlash.

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