The Islamic Development Bank has essentially been a financing arm of the Saudi Salafi imperialist movement for years now. The bank comes into an area with lots of money and the next thing you know, Wahhabi mosques start to appear in areas where there are no Salafi Muslims, if any Muslims at all.

Lately, with the expansion of the Saudi-dominated OIC (Organization of the Islamic Conference) as a bloc at the United Nations, the Islamic Development Bank has become more and more dominant in UN operations to battle hunger and poverty.

SFW certainly wants to see hunger and poverty eliminated, but the problem lies in what happens when a Salafi Islamic imperialist organization starts becoming active in an area. The whole purpose of the Islamic Development Bank is basically to spread Islam and Shariah.

When the Islamic Development Bank announces that it will be investing $1 billion to “improve rural infrastructure, promote economic development and enhance food security,” you can be sure that the expected return will not be solely monetary.

This is worth watching…


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