Linked below is an article which provides a few more details on a subject we have reported on a few times in recent months: the creeping of Shariah finance into South Korea.

Before you read this article, we would like to point out a couple of things:

1. Hyundai’s name being mentioned prominently in this development should come as no surprise. Hyundai is one of the Free World’s worst offenders when it comes to providing corporate life support to the Ayatollahs in Iran.

The Center for Security Policy’s Divest Terror Initiative named Hyundai to its “Dirty Dozen” list for its billions of dollars worth of business in/with Iran.

Hyundai’s ties to the brutal Iranian regime have now come full circle with this report that they will issue Islamic bonds. Iran dominates the world of Shariah Finance; all of the largest Shariah-compliant financial institutions are Iranian.

Hyundai appears to have embraced Iran’s doctrine wholeheartedly. Keep that in mind next time you are looking at buying a new car and you come by your local Hyundai dealer.

2. Note also that Citigroup has a prominent role in South Korea’s slide toward Shariah. Again, this is no surprise. Citigroup long ago prostituted itself to wealthy Saudi Salafists.


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