Below is a link to an article that can only be described as absurd.

The article on the Trade Arabia web site points out that “Islamic” Finance is spreading and growing by leaps and bounds. This much is true and that is quite an unfortunate reality for many reasons:

• The purpose of Shariah Finance is to promote Shariah, a barbaric theo-legal-political code synonymous with human rights abuses and oppression around the world.

• Shariah Finance is controlled by Shariah scholars, the most powerful of whom are hateful, horrible jihadists who have endorsed attacks on Western civilians.

• The largest Shariah-Compliant financial institutions in the world are state-operated Iranian banks that have been put under international sanctions for their activity involving terrorism financing and the financing arrangements surrounding Iran’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs.

• There have been documented cases of Shariah-Compliant financial institutions donating money to Islamic charities which have in turn sent that money to Jihadist terrorist groups.

Beyond this, however, Shariah Finance has some other problems and the article linked below allows us an opportunity to point them out. The article states that the industry…

“has proved to be a more stable and promising finance sector in the midst of the global economic turmoil”


The article goes on to promote an event called the “Islamic Business and Finance Awards.” The event was held in…DUBAI…scene of one of the world’s great investment scams–a swindle centered on Shariah bonds (sukuk).


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