Financial jihadists have long held up Dubai as an example of the marriage of modernity and Shariah Islam. Of course, Dubai’s status as a world-class financial center suffered a severe setback when Dubai World defaulted on its Islamic bonds. Nevertheless, just last week, Dubai proudly dubbed its new tallest building, another modern marvel (though there’s no accounting for taste) after its autocratic ruler in a publicity stunt carefully planned to divert attention from the emirate’s financial failings.

There is another side to Dubai that gets all-too little publicity in the Western world–the side that is ruled by the brutal, barbaric doctrine called Shariah. Behind the facade of modern skyscrapers and swanky resorts designed to lure tourists from the Americas, Europe and the Far East, if you get caught kissing your boyfriend or girlfriend in public, you could easily find yourself in the local jail, which no doubt has less than a 5-diamond rating. This policy goes way beyond what you might imagine and the emirates are quite serious about enforcement, as is demonstrated by the article linked below which describes the tragic experience of a British subject who made the mistake of vacationing in Dubai with her fiance and becoming a rape victim.

As happens way too often in the parts of the world in which Shariah is observed, this lady now finds herself charged with the crime of adultery…

This is more proof that Shariah is not a cafeteria system in which it is permitted to pick and choose which parts you want to follow. Dubai, one of the centers of Shariah Finance, which also takes an active role in dawah operations to promote Shariah Finance in the non-Islamic world, routinely imposes the aspects of Shariah which the Western supporters of Shariah Finance don’t want you to know about. Since the whole purpose of Shariah Finance is to promote Shariah and Islam itself, there is no justification for the claim that Shariah Finance is distinct from the rest of Shariah. In turn, there is no justification for those Westerners who prostitute themselves out to the financial jihadists and promote Shariah Finance in the West…,2933,582660,00.html?test=latestnews


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