Thanks to SFW reader “Ramesh” we have been brought up to date on noble efforts in India to turn back the tide against Shariah Finance.

First, financial jihad was dealt a blow last week when a High Court in the Indian state of Kerala halted plans to create a state-run “Islamic” bank there. In the ruling, the Court pointed out that the bank would violate multiple sections of their constitution by favoring a particular religion in a secular country…

Wouldn’t it be nice if the US Treasury Department was as observant when it comes to the Establishment clause of the US constitution in its promotion of “Islamic” finance?

Esteemed scholars are leading the effort in India to head off Shariah Finance at the pass. Linked below is an article which lists the various ways in which a Shariah-Compliant bank would violate India’s constitution. It was written by Dr. Subramanian Swamy, a former Indian Law Minister and, perhaps most interestingly, a former Harvard professor of Economics.

Again, it is too bad that Dr. Swamy isn’t back at Harvard to set his former colleagues straight on the issue of Shariah Finance here in America too. Harvard Law School is Ground Zero for the financial jihad in America…


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