Dow Jones has been shilling for Shariah-Compliant Finance for some time now. After all, the Dow Jones Islamic Index employed the Jihadist Shariah scholar Taqi Usmani as chair of its Shariah advisory board for a long time before rival Investors Business Daily exposed them.

Now the flagship Wall Street Journal has published a piece on Shariah Finance which actually admits that the industry has some tough issues to tackle. The article points to some prominent defaults on Islamic bonds (sukuk) as an example of some of the “challenges” the “Islamic finance” industry faces.

Not surprisingly, the Journal ignored the toughest issues though.

There was no mention of zakat and the Shariah mandate to fund those fighting for allah. There was no mention of some of the prominent Jihadists who run the world of Shariah and sit on the advisory boards of major banks, such as Yussef al-Qaradawi and Taqi Usmani.

There was no mention at all of the lack of transparency and full and fair disclosure associated with Shariah-Compliant Finance.

Worst of all, there was no basic analysis at all of what exactly Shariah is and what it entails. No mention of the purpose of Shariah Finance, which is to promote Shariah law and Islam as “missionary” work.

One thing that the Journal DID let slip in a couple of places was the clear desire on the part of the financial jihadists to push Shariah-Compliant Finance out to non-Muslims…


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