Here on SFW, we have profiled a particularly evil Shariah scholar named Taqi Usmani:

Among many other things, Usmani is the chief of the Shariah advisory board for HSBC:

Usmani is a bad man, an enemy of the West, a Jihadist to the core. In fact, now that his Jihadist philosophy is becoming more widely known, Usmani is starting to fade from the Shariah advisory boards and he is being replaced by one of his sons. His son has not published any hateful monographs as of yet–at least not any that have been translated into English. Nevertheless, the younger Usmani was trained in the same Deobandi madrassa in Pakistan that his Dad ran–the madrassa with close ties to the Taliban…

Today, John Zimmerman has posted a review of one of Usmani’s more infamous books, “Islam and Modernism,” over on The context for this analysis is an article about the anti-free speech trial of Geert Wilders in the Netherlands.

Zimmerman correctly points out that much of what is in the movie “Fitna” which Wilders produced is in Usmani’s book.

It is shocking that someone who has published such a book could be employed by major financial institutions in the West.

Here is a link to the article on, “Wilders’ Best Witness”:’-best-witness/


One Response to Usmani Raises His Ugly Head (and Heart) Yet Again

  1. Tim says:

    Please note that Taqi Usmani is no longer listed as a member of HSBC’s sharia advisory board:
    This is because I brought his writings to the attention of a contact there.

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