Bahrain’s finance minister is featured on the CNN web site perpetuating the myth that Shariah-compliance provides protection against the forces of the economic cycle.

This assertion flies in the face of reality, as we have covered in many articles linked from SFW:

From a rash of defaults by sukuk (Islamic bonds), to declining bank earnings, there is a great deal of evidence that Shariah-compliance not only does NOT provide shelter from economic downturns, but in come cases exacerbates the impact of economic crisis:

Given the stacks of evidence which indicate that Bahrain’s finance minister is lying, we must analyze the motives behind this continuous propaganda.

The motives are two-fold:

The financial jihadists seek to promote Shariah-Compliant Finance, referred to euphemistically as “Islamic finance,” worldwide to both gain financial leverage over the West and to lull us into complacency over the wider issue of Shariah.

The fact that they need to lie to accomplish this task is of no special concern to them.


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