The article linked below from by Senator John Rockefeller is interesting.

The Senator makes some very valid points:

• Terrorism does indeed operate on money.

• Terrorism is funded through illicit and illegal activities, such as money laundering, narco-trafficking and theft.

However, Senator Rockefeller misses a very important point:

Jihadist terrorism is also funded through non-illicit activities and activities which are not only deemed legal under Shariah, but are in fact REQUIRED under Shariah, namely zakat.

So many Islamic charities–dozens–have been discovered to support Jihadist groups that it is obvious that they were doing so as a matter of policy. That’s because providing money to those “fighting in the way of allah” is required and/or permissible under the Islamic system of zakat.

We’ve covered this in detail here on SFW:

Not only must the USA and the West combat the flow of illicit money to terrorists, it must come to terms with the flow of licit money to Jihadists as well. So far, we’re ignoring this, save for shutting down a few Islamic charities.

Click below to see Senator Rockefeller’s article.


One Response to To fight terrorism, follow the money

  1. Reading Rockefeller’s comments, it sounds like he thinks Treasury should be doing a better job of gathering and analyzing financial intelligence…

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