Yesterday, SFW posted a disturbing article detailing Sheikh Yusuf al-Qardawi’s instructions on zakat (Islamic alms giving):

Some readers may be skeptical that the views of a man living in Qatar, as expressed to another man living in Egypt, would be relevant in the United States.

Not only are Qaradawi’s views relevant because he is regarded as the foremost Sunni Shariah scholar in the world, they are also specifically relevant for Shariah-Compliant Finance in the USA.

One of the biggest Shariah-Compliant Financial outfits in the United States is the Amana Mutual Funds Trust, based in the state of Washington. We have written about this firm on SFW in the past:

If you go to the Amana Funds web site and search for “Qaradawi,” both of the hits you get back specifically pertain to zakat (spelled zakah in this case)…

Just to clarify: Yusuf al- Qaradawi, the world’s foremost Sunni Shariah scholar, instructs Muslims to use zakat for Jihad and one of the foremost Shariah-Compliant Financial firms in the USA uses Qaradawi as a primary reference source for instruction on zakat as well…

Anyone who needs more evidence of one of the chief concerns of Shariah-Compliant Finance simply refuses to acknowledge the obvious…


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