Long-time readers of SFW may recall the integral role played by Harvard Law school in promoting the financial jihad in America.

Thanks to the largesse of some notorious Saudi royals and a few other like-minded Jihadis, Harvard law school has an entire program devoted to “Islamic finance.”

Yours truly attended an Islamic finance conference at the school two years ago and it was nothing short of a celebration of Shariah and the Muslim Brotherhood.

As it turns out, the dean of Harvard law school at the time, Elena Kagan, has now been nominated by President Obama to sit on the US Supreme Court. Harvard’s embrace of Shariah under Kagan’s leadership and guidance turns out to be the epitome of hypocrisy, since at the same time Harvard was whoring itself out for Shariah’s sake, Kagan was banning US military recruiters from the school because of the military’s “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy when it comes to homosexuals and lesbians.

Meanwhile, in Saudi Arabia, under Shariah, here is what happens to gays and lesbians (evidently this didn’t bother Kagan as much as “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”):


Homosexuality is a crime in Saudi Arabia, as it is in Iran, both ruled by Shariah.

In fact, in Iran, the world leader in Shariah-Compliant Finance, homosexuality is punishable by death:


This is not just legal theory. Iran uses the death penalty to punish men for sodomy:

More on Kagan’s hypocrisy on Shariah from Center for Security Policy founder and CEO, Frank Gaffney:



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