Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the man who rules Dubai, has issued a decree regulating the endowment sector’s (Waqf), income and expenses in compliance with Shariah laws.

Endowment funds include educational Waqf endowment, Islamic Affairs Waqf, endowment fund for orphans and needy people, health endowment fund, social care fund, charity fund, and family endowment fund.

Dubai, one of the United Arab Emirates, has a troubling past. First of all, Dubai has been a traditional smuggling point into Persia, and later Iran. Most recently, Iran has received dual-use technology for its nuclear program through Dubai.

All of the United Arab Emirates have troubling ties to terror and Jihad. The UAE was one of the few nations to recognize the Taliban regime in Afghanistan when it seized power. And then-CIA director George Tenet testified before the 9/11 Commission that a planned strike on an Al Qaeda compound thought to be in use by Osama Bin Laden was called off because of the presence of several members of the UAE royal family at the compound.

Readers of SFW already know that Islamic charities funded by zakat have frequently been found to support Jihadist terrorism.

Making the waqf system, which is closely interrelated with the system of zakat, Shariah-compliant is certainly not comforting, given the UAE’s background…


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