RightSideNews.com has an excellent checklist of things that Americans should do to oppose the infiltration of Shariah into our culture, society, legal system and financial markets. A few items in particular caught our eye:

7) Write letters. Swamp letters. (Hard copy letters with stamps – not e-mails) Write regular Letters to the Editor. Letters to any American institutions that pander to, submit to, or take bribe money from Saudi Arabia or radical Islamic extremist organizations. Includes colleges and universities, corporate CEOs, congressmen and senators. Send letters to banks that have partnered with Islam, i.e. Sharia finance. Writer letters to, or publicly expose, tax-supported schools that indoctrinate kids, covertly or overtly, with Islamic teachings… (masked as cultural diversity) to the exclusion of other religions.

8 ) Withhold investments in any organizations, private or public, that support the goals of Islamic jihad. The Saudis, and the Muslim Brotherhood, are geniuses at targeting the greatest weakness of western society: Greed. They know that money buys influence, strengthens their cause and moves mountains. Americans have been all-too-willing to partner with those who would do us harm, all for the love of profit.



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