In our research on zakat, the Islamic tithing/tax, we came across a blog posting entitled “The Divisions of Zakat,” in which the use of Zakat to fund Jihadists is once again confirmed, in a context which justifies zakat funds going to wealthy Jihadists. The Hadith that is quoted, 520, obviously doesn’t use the name Osama Bin Laden, since it was written many centuries ago, but it may as well have because it describes zakat funding going to support Bin Laden and his ilk…

Pay careful attention to number 4 here:

Hadith 520

  • Wealthly person cannot take from zakat except in 5 categories, 1) One who collects it, 2) or a man who buys it with his money 3) or one in debt 4) One who fights in the cause of Allah 5) A poor man who after getting zakat gives part of it to a rich man as a gift.


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