In 2002, Mohamad Hammoud was sentenced to 155 years in prison on terrorism charges. The Charlotte, North Carolina man was convicted of raising money for the Jihadist terrorist organization, Hezbollah.

This case was the subject of an excellent book called “Lightning Out of Lebanon.”

Unfortunately, federal judge Graham Mullen has reduced Hammoud’s sentence, making it possible that the Jihadist could eventually go free.

What is particular relevant for SFW readers is the fact that this week’s hearing focused on whether donations he made to the militant groupĀ Hezbollah were directed to the organization’s terrorist efforts, or to help orphans and poor people inĀ Lebanon.

This illustrates the nexus between Jihadist terrorism and Islamic charities. It is unfortunate that Judge Mullen was not educated and informed about the tenets of zakat that declare those “fighting in the way of Allah” as the seventh of the eight approved destinations of zakat…


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