Every so often, it is useful to be reminded that zakat is used to fund violent Jihad, according to Islamic law and Islamic scholars.

Here is our latest evidence: a Q&A on a web site dealing with many aspects of zakat.

Q: Who are entitled to receive zakat?

A: 1. The poor
2. The needy (extremely poor)
3. Collectors of zakah
4. those whose hearts are to be reconciled
5. Slaves, captivates
6. Debtors
7. Sadaqa in the Way of Allah’s (swt) holy service (fee sabeel illah)
8. The travelers.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Number 7 is revealed further down the page…

Q: Who are the fighters in the way of Allah (swt)?

A: They are the poor soldiers who have dedicated themselves to fight in the way of Allah (swt) to dignify the glory of Islam.

This confirms what we and others have pointed out from the Islamic law manual, Reliance of the Traveler, as well as several other posts we have placed here on SFW over the past year or two…



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