It pains us to have to post this article, but this is one of the most misguided examples of bad policy that we have ever come across. The American Jewish Committee (AJC) has sided with the Treasury Department and against the Thomas More Law Center in the AIG suit, which seeks to address the fact that AIG is now mostly owned by US taxpayers at the same time that the company promotes its Shariah-Compliant insurance (takaful) products.

Since the financial jihadists are not shy about the fact that Shariah finance is missionary (dawah) work, what we have here is a classic violation of the establishment clause of the US constitution.

Nevertheless, the AJC has issued a brief basically saying that because the takaful line is only a small portion of AIG’s overall business, there is nothing to worry about. One wonders how many millions of taxpayer dollars must go to dawah for the AJC to decide the threshold has been crossed?



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