Yesterday explosions rocked Mumbai, India, killing more than a score of innocent people. This is the latest in a series of attacks that have struck that city over the past two decades.

There certainly is an economic cost to Jihadist terrorism and the Wall Street Journal points that out in a column published today…

India’s financial and commercial capital was once again a target Wednesday. Three explosions killed almost 20 people and injured scores more. Once again, the attacks raise the question of whether an increased incidence of terrorism will be harmful to India’s economic trajectory.

Still, there is an aspect of this that the Wall Street Journal is overlooking.

We’d like to remind our readers that the Mumbai attacks that killed over 160 people in 2008 were in fact funded by money from Islamic charities funneled through Shariah-compliant banks:

LATE ADDITION: Money Jihad blog has a good series of articles detailing the funding of the Jihadists who carried out previous Mumbai attacks. It is well worth checking out:


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