Emotions are running very high in Nigeria and the issue of the country’s central bank governor insisting on introducing Shariah-compliant banking is front and center in a clash of civilizations within the African nation…

At a time when the Nigerian polity is on fire and the Islamic radicalism is the celebrity of death, one wonders who this Sanusi is: a CBN governor, or an Al-Qaeda recruit and representative in Nigeria. In this age when Islamic radicalism is hated by all true Muslims, a time when terrorism is mostly associated with the misinterpretation of Islam and a period when Islamic radicals are terrorising the whole country, it still amazes me why a “central bank governor,” an egoistic mallam and a core Muslim, should even consider uttering such gibberish and unintelligent talks like: “No one can stop me from the Islamic banking decision” and “I owe no one any apology” when he should be serving the country in his capacity as a federal employee to avoid making worse mistakes than his fingers accuse others of.




One Response to Nigeria Masterweb Daily News: An Al-Qaeda Country Led By An Al-Qaeda President?

  1. Where has Pakistan’s pioneering efforts at sharia finance and Islamic taxation landed them? In bed with Osama bin Laden and Mullah Omar, that’s where. And Nigeria wants to replicate the Pakistani model? No wonder emotions are running high…

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