According to the authoritative British periodical The Banker, Iran dominates the world of Shariah-Compliant Finance. The two largest Shariah-Compliant financial institutions in the world are Iranian state-controlled banks. Moreover, according to The Banker, Iran is the only nation on earth that claims that 100% of the financial assets in its banks and other institutions are Shariah-compliant.

Not even Saudi Arabia can make a similar claim.

Given that the financial jihadists label Shariah-Finance as a form of “ethical investing,” it may come as a surprise that the Islamic Republic of Iran is being rocked by the greatest financial scam in its history and its puppet president is up to his whiskers in the scandal.

Given that all of the banks mentioned in the article linked below are Shariah-compliant and in fact at least partially controlled by the government under Iran’s totalitarian, authoritarian theocracy, this could certainly be taken as evidence that Shariah Finance being categorized as “ethical” is a scam in and of itself…



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