It is usually very difficult to find objective news reporting on Shariah Finance. This is especially true of the Sukuk (Islamic Bond) market. The financial jihadists are hypersensitive about this sector and go to great lengths to ensure that the state-controlled media in their countries, as well as Western media outlets who have been bought and paid for, cheerlead for sukuk issues.

All of this stems from the rash of high profile sukuk defaults that occurred back in 2009, essentially making a laughing stock of all the assertions that Shariah Finance is more “ethical” than conventional finance.

The article linked below about the Indonesian sukuk market is a prime example of this phenomenon. The headline declares that sukuk sales will “recover,” according to Shariah-compliant S&P. It isn’t until you read further that you find out “what” they will recover from: the worst market in 3 years…



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