As we have documented here on SFW for years, the financial Jihadists and their useful idiots in the Western world have proclaimed for years that Shariah-Compliance bestows some mysterious cloak of protection and stability. This assertion has grown to mythical proportions over the years, to the point where it is now almost taken for granted that Shariah-Compliant financial institutions and instruments are less risky than their conventional counterparts. There is a great deal of evidence to refute this notion, but the state-controlled media in places like Iran, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain and Malaysia will never report it. The Western financial news media has simply shown no curiosity at all on this subject, preferring to play their customary role as cheerleader; many articles in the Western media are even more fawning than in state-controlled Islamist media, reading essentially like marketing brochures and advertorials and not news articles.

That’s why the article linked below is so surprising and important. A news outlet in Qatar has actually published a story quoting a Shariah Finance expert out of Saudi Arabia warning that, compared to conventional finance, Shariah-Compliant Finance may actually have GREATER liquidity concerns.



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