The Wall Street Journal now has an article published entitled: “Muslim Brotherhood Looks West in Bid to Revive Egyptian Economy.”

The article requires a subscription to the Journal, so not everyone who clicks on the link below will be able to read it. But suffice it to say that the West is engaging the Muslim Brotherhood to aid the Egyptian economy. This comes as no surprise, seeing as the West has promoted Shariah-Compliant Finance against its own interests. (Note that the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has already declared its intention to make the country’s stock market Shariah-Compliant.)

Western cooperation with the Muslim Brotherhood is ill-advised to say the least. While the Brotherhood claims to have sworn off violence, they founded HAMAS, a designated terrorist organization and all Sunni Jihadist terrorist organizations trace their origins back to the Brotherhood. And even though the Brotherhood claims to be non-violent, their ultimate goals are virtually identical to those of Al Qaeda, Hamas and other Jihadist terrorist groups.




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