Over on the Gates of Vienna blog, the authors have pointed out a passage from Reliance of the Traveler that is key to the connection between zakat and the funding of Jihadist terrorism.

Regular readers of SFW may recall that Reliance of the Traveler is one of the world’s most widely read manuals of Shariah law. It has been endorsed by a variety of Islamic authorities, including Al Azhar University and IIIT.

Readers may also recall that in the section on zakat (a form of tithing in Islam), Reliance of the Traveler lists 8 destinations for zakat. Number 7 explicitly designates those “Fighting in the Way of Allah,” and defines that to mean those who are engaged in Islamic military operations but who are not on the Army roster.

Well, we overlooked the 4th destination of zakat, but Gates of Vienna reproduced it in a blog posting unrelated to this topic. It is an important posting nonetheless.

(fromĀ Reliance of the Traveller):

H8.14 Those Whose Hearts are to be Reconciled

The fourth category is those whose hearts are to be reconciled. If they are non-Muslims, they are not given Zakat but if Muslim, then they may be given it (O: so that their certainty may increase, or if they are recent converts to Islam and are alienated from their kin)

Those to be reconciled include:

-1- the chief personages of a people (O: with weak Islamic intentions) whose Islam may be expected to improve, or whose peers may be expected to enter Islam;
-2- or the heads of a people who collect zakat for us from Muslims living near them who refuse to pay it, or who fight an enemy for us at considerable expense and trouble to themselves

Note that last phrase…”who fight an enemy for us at considerable expense and trouble to themselves.”




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