This news story proves the adage that truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

It seems that a US Department of Homeland Security Immigration and Customs Enforcement intelligence officer has been embroiled in serious financial impropriety.

But wait, that isn’t even HALF the story. It gets much worse.

This intelligence officer is a former colonel in the Jordanian Air Force named Ahmed Abdallat. Abdallat started working for the US federal government way back in 1995 and has had access to all sorts of sensitive and classified documents and programs during his tenure. He has also been posted around the world, especially in the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia. Most recently, Abdallat has been assigned to an intelligence post right on the US-Mexican border in El Paso, Texas, an area that has been given increasing scrutiny due to persistent reports of Hezbollah activity.

Abdallat is caught up in a fraud and money laundering scandal involving a Department of Homeland Security ICE official named James Woosley, who scammed the taxpayer systematically over a three-year period.

Law enforcement officials stealing is bad enough, but in our view, Abdallat’s involvement is the potentially much bigger story here. You see, we know that Woosely was using his ill-gotten gain to buy a new boat and a second home.

Not Abdallat.

Abdallat wired $570,000 to bank accounts in the Middle East. Maybe Abdallat was just sending his money overseas for himself. But maybe he was sending money overseas for an entirely different purpose…One thing we do know: Abdallat didn’t make anywhere near enough money off of his US government salary to explain over a half million dollars in wire transfers.

To make matters worse, when the FBI raided Abdallat’s home, they found two Jordanian passports, which he wasn’t supposed to have and they found evidence of several Middle Eastern bank accounts that Abdallat denied having…

There certainly seems to be more to this than just a bureaucrat who got greedy…All the focus of the media on this investigation seems to be on Woosley. We think more scrutiny should focus on Ahmed Abdallat.



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