The Kind Hearts charity has officially ceased operations in a deal struck with the US Treasury Department. Officially known as KindHearts for Charitable Humanitarian Development, the Islamic charity was founded almost immediately after the Holy Land Foundation was shut down, in what became the largest terrorism financing conviction in US history. KindHearts was subsequently shut down un suspicions of taking up where the Holy Land Foundation left off in funding Hamas.

But this time the Islamists came prepared and, with the aid of their lawfare allies, the ACLU, they fought the Treasury Department, which appears to have botched much of this investigation.

The two sides ended up with a stand-off of sorts, only clearly KindHearts came out on top. Even though they must shut down under the agreement, the owners and managers get to have all the assets of the charity and get to start a new charity immediately.

This amounts to capitulation, but goes right in line with President Obama’s pledge way back in 2009 to ease scrutiny of zakat donations.

This amounts to a major defeat for the Treasury Department in its efforts against such operations.

We have links to three more detailed reports on this development: from The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Report, Money Jihad blog and the Investigative Project on Terrorism…



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