A year ago SFW reported on a Toledo, Ohio couple who had conspired to send money to the Jihadist terrorist group Hezbollah:


This week the husband, Hor Akl, was sentenced to just over 6 years in prison for his role in the scheme.

This sentence is so lenient as to be insulting to the entire country. It indicates a lack of seriousness when it comes to combatting Jihadist terrorism and those who support it inside our borders.

Keep in mind that Hor Akl planned on sending as much as $1 million to Hezbollah. $1 million goes a long way in terrorism operations. Moreover, Akl pleaded guilty to not just one, but to four serious crimes:

• Material support to a foreign terrorist organization

• Money laundering

• Bankruptcy fraud

• Perjury

How a Jihadi can admit to guilt for 4 serious crimes, including funding a vicious, evil terrorist organization that has killed hundreds of Americans, and get just 6 years in prison is beyond belief.




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