Madrassas have been in the news quite a lot lately, mostly associated with a ludicrous speech given by Congressman Andre Carson praising these Islamic schools as a model for education in the US.

The reality, naturally, is far different.

In the Islamic world, particularly in the Middle East and southwest Asia, madrassas are widely used to educate young boys. But for the most part these schools teach almost no practical skills. They concentrate on rote memorization of the Quran. Such schools have been incubators for Jihad and have also been found to be houses of child abuse, as this video explains:

The Trouble With Madrassas

Now we get to the connection with Shariah Finance.

As regular readers of SFW know, one of the central themes of Shariah Finance is the mandatory funding of the system of zakat, which all-too often has been demonstrated to fund violent jihad. Another way that zakat indirectly supports violent jihad is through zakat payments to madrassas, which even now are cultivating the next generation of Jihadis and Islamists…

The holy month of Ramzan gives many cash-strappedĀ madrassasĀ a reason to cheer for this is the time of the year when the faithful make generous donations, mostly in the form of zakat, to these seminaries.


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