First it was HSBC, now it’s Standard Chartered too. Both big banks did business with the world’s foremost sponsor of Jihadist terrorism in violation of US sanctions.

There is something else that both of these banks have in common: they are both extremely active in promoting Shariah-Compliant Finance in the West.

Shariah Finance Watch has a whole category devoted to Standard Chartered’s Shariah operations for those who require more background:

It is BEYOND significant that two of the biggest promoters of Shariah Finance also were in blatant disregard of regulations and enforcement designed to combat terrorism financing.

Standard Chartered’s despicable executives have been reassuring Western observers for years that there is no threat from Shariah-Compliant Finance. They have now been proven untrustworthy. The fact is, Standard Chartered’s executive personnel should be going to prison. That won’t happen, of course, since the folks who enforce such laws are often industry insiders, so they will get off by paying hefty fines.

But they should never be trusted again and their claims with regard to Shariah should especially be disregarded as blatant lies.




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