Our only problem with this article is the fact that “legitimate” Islamic charities have customarily raised money for jihad, as required under Shariah. We can’t help but wonder whether the Brits have this right. Did these two twin brothers pose as Muslim Aid fundraisers, or could they have been actual Islamic charity fundraisers?
  • Shabir and Shafiq Ali, 25, imitated legitimate Muslim Aid fundraisers on street stalls
  • Money instead went towards funding their older brother’s terrorist activities in Somalia

Identical twin brothers who posed as charity collectors to raise thousands of pounds for overseas Al-Qaeda fighters were jailed yesterday.

Shabir and Shafiq Ali, 25, imitated legitimate fundraisers on street stalls collecting money for Palestinians and the world’s poor.

But the pair were in fact wiring money to their elder brother after he travelled to Somalia to join the bloody Islamic insurgency.

We also cannot help but disapprove of a 3 year sentence for involvement in funding Jihadist terrorism. What will be gained by such a sentence? Will these two “learn their lesson?” Or will they merely network with more Islamic jihadis in prison and emerge even more committed to Jihad upon their release?

Finally, note that these two twins were inspired to Jihad by the late American-born leader of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, Anwar al-Awlaki. In fact, British authorities found copies of Awlaki’s “44 Ways to Support Jihad” among their belongings. Note that SFW featured that document a few years ago–a document that promoted giving zakat funds to Jihadist terrorism…





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