By way of CNN, we have still more evidence of financial support for violent jihad by wealthy Muslims in the Persian Gulf region.

The Haqqani network is one of the most virulent Jihadist groups in Afghanistan and Pakistan and has been battling US troops for several years. It is closely allied with both Al Qaeda and the Taliban.

According to a report recently released by West Point’s Combatting Terrorism Center, the Haqqani network raises money through a variety of means, such as criminal activities, such as extortion, kidnapping and the drug trade.

But of most interest to SFW readers, the Haqqani network also reportedly receives “donations” from wealthy citizens of the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. All of these nations are supposed to be America’s “allies” in the war on terrorism, but since the earliest days of this conflict there has been ample evidence linking Jihadist terrorism financing to charities and wealthy donors throughout the Islamic world.

This is especially interesting to SFW readers because under Shariah law, a portion of Shariah-compliant assets goes to zakat. Again, under Shariah law, one of the 8 destinations for such zakat payments is to those “fighting in the way of allah.”

One cannot help but wonder if the wealthy Emiratis, Kuwaitis, Saudis and Qataris who are sending money to jihadis like the Haqqani network are the same people involved in Shariah-Compliant Finance.


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