Money is the lifeblood of jihad and the jihadists raise money any number of ways…including ransoms.

This past Friday, a tribal leader stated that Yemen’s Al-Qaeda affiliate, which is holding three kidnapped Europeans hostage, has demanded $50 million for the foreigners’ release.

“The organization demanded the money from the military leader who has been situated near Al-Manaseh directorate since last month, seeking the release of the kidnapped foreigners,” he said.

The three foreigners were kidnapped in Sana’a and were then reportedly taken to Al-Beida governorate.


2 Responses to Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula Demands $50 Million Ransom for Hostages’ Release

  1. $50 million is pretty steep for a ransom demand, even with European governments and insurance companies driving up the ransom market by not-so-secretly caving into ransom demands like these.

    Even just a few years ago, the most the jihadists were demanding was about $5 million.

    What a disaster.

  2. shariahfinancewatch says:

    That is a massive amount and, indeed, one cannot help but to wonder if the ransoms paid have resulted in ransom demand inflation. Once again, we (the West) have found another way to fund our enemies.

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