Here at SFW, we have devoted a great deal of time and effort to education on the nefarious aspects of many Islamic charities.

Over and over again we have seen examples of Islamic charities supporting violent Jihad. Most American observers first became aware of this activity with the release of the bipartisan 9/11 Commission Report several years ago.

That report detailed how certain Islamic charities supported Al Qaeda.

But sometimes–often in fact–the barrier between a charity and a terrorist group isn’t just blurred, it’s non-existent.

That is certainly the case with Hezbollah, perhaps the most dangerous Jihadist terrorist organization in the world, believed to be even more dangerous than Al Qaeda by many experts.

Ron Prosor, Israel’s UN ambassador, has a great article over on Foreign Policy magazine in which he calls for bankrupting Hezbollah, the world’s most dangerous charity.

The main topic of the article is the European Union’s continued failure to declare Hezbollah a terrorist organization, despite the organization’s long, bloody record of terror. That record, incidentally, includes numerous attacks against European targets:

• The October 1983 Islamikaze bombing of French paratroops on UN peacekeeping duty in Beirut, Lebanon. More than 60 French paras died in that attack.

• Multiple hostage takings of Europeans, notably Terry Waite, a noted Anglican church official, humanitarian and author.

• Last year’s terrorist attack in Bulgaria which targeted a busload of Israeli tourists.

As hard as it seems to believe, the European Union actually regards Hezbollah as a charitable organization “on a par with the International Red Cross.”

We urge readers to view Mr. Prosor’s article in its entirety…



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